Write a puppet show

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Write a puppet show

He was introduced inas an ordinary puppet that Zag of Zig and Zag had found in a box amongst the rubbish behind an old joke shop. Dubbing the puppet "Podge," Zag used him to practise ventriloquism, and would put on the "Podge and Zag" show, which a jealous Zig usually interrupted.

Soon after, the truth of Podge was revealed to the audience: Eventually, after Zig finally told Zag and Ray the truth, Podge made a power play and took over the programme for a day, revealing that he had been brought to life by a magician, but then sealed away when he turned evil.

He was finally dealt with when the magician arrived at the end of the programming day, hypnotised Podge who the magician called "Albert"and took him away. As a recurring villain[ edit ] Podge once attempted to ruin Christmas for The Den crew by kidnapping Santa and putting on his suit.

Following his initial "story arc," Podge became a recurring presence on The Den over the next six years, causing trouble by using one of many paper-thins disguises that the gang could never see through, despite his constant insults and use his catchphrase, "Oh rrrrreally?

He often sought to eat Zuppywho could always see through his disguises and was responsible for his being caught out several times. His "magical" origins were never referred to again, but he retained some of his powers, able to disappear into thin air to escape when his disguises were seen through.

When The Den crew set out to do the job themselves, Podge kidnapped Santa and took his place but was thwarted in the end.

write a puppet show

Eventually, inPodge was finally well and truly caught by the Den gang, only to be freed by his never-before-seen twin brother, Rodge, posing as a policeman, who escorted him away. The brothers had particular contempt for Echo Islandespecially the version broadcast in Irish.

Ballydung[ edit ] InPodge and Rodge were transitioned from the Den to their own, adult-oriented comedy show, A Scare at Bedtime. The show ignored their established history from their earlier, child-friendly appearances, and created a new one for them: Ballydung Manor may be reached by dialling Ballydung from a telephone.

The underground dungeon of Ballydung Manor was also shown in an episode of the chatshow when Podge and Rodge invited guest Sheana Keane to partake in a gruesome game of Operation! Another location known to be in Ballydung is "The Stickitt Inn", which features on the chat show. Ballydung also has a bypass which was blocked off by a swarm of locusts on the Christmas Special ofA Frightmare Before Christmasthus preventing any of the guests attending the show.

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Television and radio shows[ edit ] A Scare at Bedtime — [ edit ] Main article: A Scare at Bedtime, first aired inis close to being the polar opposite of this, with extremely adult content, lewd jokes and slightly obscene anecdotes being related by the two puppets.

Rumour has it that their parents left them in the asylum many years ago, and in revenge, Rodge took an axe to them both. But no bodies were ever found. They live with a lunatic nurse that they call "Granny" who practices the black arts since she is dating Satan, whom they refer to as the "quare fella" throughout the series and Pox the cat who suffers from rabies, the pox, and extreme violence at the hands of its two owners.

Their hobbies include cockfighting and exorcisms of which Father Flange occasionally does special sessions. They have been given full names also: Each episode follows the same pattern: Rodge, the dumber of the two, arrives home."Imagine This" is not your average puppet show!

This yearly event is comprised of many different stories written by kids, for kids. This is our favorite program to produce each year as it is always different and very exciting.

The Puppet Museum is a fun and safe place to learn about puppets and puppetry of all kinds. We have pictures of puppets, fun projects to build, interesting things to learn, a history of puppets, and links to puppetry around the world. Item #: SCP Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP is to be contained within a reinforced steel containment locker.

No personnel are permitted to wear SCP, and all subjects who have worn it during testing are to have it removed immediately afterwards. Fables. Fables, or stories that teach a lesson, make ideal scripts for a kids' puppet play.

These life-lesson tales typically include colorful characters such as animals that speak. write a script for a puppet show using the research from Lesson One: Digging Up the Facts.

edit and revise his/her work for correct grammar and mechanics. practice reading the script aloud. record his/her script onto a cassette tape. Kheimeh Shab-Bazi is a traditional Persian puppet show which is performed in a small chamber by a musical performer and a storyteller called a morshed or naghal.

These shows often take place alongside storytelling in traditional tea and coffee-houses (Ghahve-Khane).

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