Video case 9

State Attorney's Office A short distance later, police said, Paskel ordered the women out of the car and kept driving. The women returned to the 7-Eleven, where they can be seen in surveillance video from inside the convenience store calling OnStar, which gave police the ability to track the car during a high-speed chase along Interstate State Attorney's Office Officers can be heard communicating with each other and dispatch during the pursuit. He's fleeing lights and sirens.

Video case 9

Pre-Viewing Activity and Discussion 30 minutes Before viewing the Video case 9, discuss the following questions: Why does "Federalist No. Do you agree with this assessment? Do you find his argument for judicial review convincing? Which branch of government best protects individual rights? Are judges independent of politics?

Watch the Video 30 minutes and Discuss 30 minutes [Top] The video includes three segments: In March ofafter a high-speed chase, the officers apprehended King but were recorded on videotape kicking, stomping, and beating King during his arrest for speeding.

Video case 9

A local TV station aired the images of a seemingly defenseless African American man being beaten by L. While a vast majority of the American public believed the videotape showed the L. On April 29,the Semi Valley jury acquitted the defendants on all charges.

Although acquitted in state court, the police officers were not completely exonerated. Federal prosecutors subsequently indicted them on federal charges. Discussion Questions Why was the trial of the police officers moved out of Los Angeles?

Why wasn't the federal trial of the officers considered double jeopardy? What are the advantages to having overlapping court systems?

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What are the disadvantages? The Night the Supreme Court Decided Who Would Be President While few Americans today doubt that the Supreme Court has the ultimate power to say what the Constitution means judicial reviewthe exercise of judicial review in specific cases often embroils the Court in controversy.

This was the case when the Supreme Court, inintervened for the first time ever in a presidential election. Exactly five weeks after Election Day, the U. Supreme Court, in a five to four decision, reversed the Florida Supreme Court's decision and effectively handed Florida's 25 electoral votes and the presidency to George W.

Discussion Questions Should the Supreme Court have intervened in this controversy? Does the Supreme Court's decision enhance the image of courts as nonpolitical? The Supreme Court's exercise of power in Bush v.

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Gore is, of course, grounded in Chief Justice John Marshall's assumption of the power of judicial review. Is this the kind of power that the founders envisioned for the courts?

The Crocodile in the Bathtub: Judicial Recalls in California InCalifornia voters passed a state constitutional amendment designed to make appointed judges more accountable to the public.

In the new system, judges in all state appeals courts, including the California Supreme Court, would be appointed by the governor and confirmed by a non-partisan commission.

Then, using what are called "judicial retention elections," the public would periodically vote on whether to keep or unseat the judges. For many years this system worked without creating any significant controversy, but inthree justices on the California Supreme Court were up for retention, and the potential for conflict between politics and the judicial appointment process was high.

During their public campaign to oust three justices, conservatives built their case around the justices' record in reversing several death sentences. This frontal attack against several judges was something new to California, and some people became concerned that the judicial opposition that was building might influence the justices' judicial decisions.

Discussion Questions How does the California judicial selection system differ from that used for federal judges? Did the retention elections in demonstrate a threat to judicial independence or does it demonstrate a valid exercise of the public's right to hold judges accountable?

How should judges be selected?

Video case 9

This is a good activity to use with your students, too.View More Case Studies Here. The City of Provo, UT.

The City of Provo transforms their culture with The Speed of Trust. WATCH THE VIDEO. Centiro. Centiro uses The 7 Habits to effectively scale and grow. Watch the video to see the case study.

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Police: Jhamel Paskel shot, killed K-9 Fang after carjacking 2 women We decided to do a case study to test our anecdotal observations that people watch a video longer than they do a fixed frame video, even outside a headset. StoryUP is a VR native media company.
Monday, November 26 Middle East Jamal Khashoggi case: All the latest updates Mohammed bin Salman's G20 attendance is a bold effort to see if world leaders will work with Saudi Arabia, analysts say.

Source tells Al Jazeera Khashoggi's body was dissolved in acid in one of the rooms of consul's Istanbul residence.

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