Trick or treat for unicef

Remember those little orange Unicef boxes that you used to lug around every Halloween. Well they are back…sort of.

Trick or treat for unicef

It was a eureka moment. In the years immediately after World War II, Allison, a schoolteacher, and her husband, Clyde, a Presbyterian minister, had collected shoes, soap and coats for Church World Service, an interfaith Christian humanitarian organization.

But that effort had ended, and the Allisons were "searching for what would be the thing to fill in for the coats and soap they'd been collecting," recalled Mary Jean Thomson, the oldest of the three Allison children.

Her mother came home from Wanamaker's and said: We got money and candy, so my parents knew it was a go.

Trick or treat for unicef

Born in China to missionary parents, Clyde Allison was at the time editor of a national magazine for Sunday school teachers and directors. He told his wife that if she would write up her ideas, he would publish them in his magazine.

Something New for Halloween," published inshe wrote, "Our specific interest is in sending milk abroad to children who, without United Nations aid, would not have any … Use paper milk boxes to hold your money or washed-out milk cans with slits cut in the tops as collection banks. She, her sister, Mickey, and their brother, Monroe, would dress up like children from other nations, sometimes in clothes Clyde had brought from China.

Their pictures appeared in newspapers all over the country, and Clyde Allison was named man of the year by the city of Philadelphia. By the time they were teenagers, the Allison children's trick-or-treating years were behind them, but on the 25th anniversary of Trick or Treat for UNICEF, the organization flew the family, then living in Chicago, back to Philadelphia for a celebration, a "glorious, wonderful" event, Thomson said.

These days, the program has become a thoroughly modern effort, with its own celebrity spokeswoman, teen actress and singer Selena Gomez, a Facebook presence, donations by mobile text and a new iPhone app.

Trick or treat for unicef

Among the Allison family members, Thomson, 65, became a mother of two and an artist. She has two grandsons and lives near Chicago.

Mickey Allison, 64, ran an art gallery in Minneapolis before moving in with her parents 10 years ago. She has no children.

Monroe Allison, 62, is a salesman living in Brooklyn, N. He has two children and two grandchildren. Clyde Allison died last year. Because of the Allisons, untold numbers of children's lives have been saved and improved over the last 60 years.

And generations of American children have been inspired to follow their hearts and supplement their Halloween candy collection with something much more important," Stern said.

Kitty Bennett is a news researcher and writer based in St. Join the Discussion Please leave your comment below. You must be logged in to leave a comment.Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Oct 15, The tradition of ‘Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF’ began in in the United States when Philadelphia school children first went door-to-door on Halloween collecting money in decorated milk cartons to help the world’s children.

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF was founded by the United Nations Children’s Fund in Its main purpose was to bring awareness to the plight of children in underprivileged countries around the world and to create involvement for those more fortunate to lend a hand while still having fun.

Nov 04,  · Re: Trick-or-treat for UNICEF: Anyone heard of this? Born in the late 60's and never did this but I heard about it on TV. I believe Unicef also has Christmas greeting cards for kids to sell door-to-door during the holiday season.

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Oct 16,  · Sony Pictures Entertainment will also support the campaign with “Goosebumps 2’s” very own Slappy hosting Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF’s daily treats calendar, available at throughout the month of October. Sharing the spirit. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF began 68 years ago as a way to help children still affected by World War II.

Since then, millions of children across the United States have gone door to door on Halloween with UNICEF collection boxes, calling out, “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF!”. Sep 27,  · With nearly $ million raised for health care, education, nutrition and more for children, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has evolved into a month-long celebration of the power of kids helping kids.

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