The other wes moore essay

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The other wes moore essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Wes shows how their environment, education and societal expectations led them to the decisions that changed their lives.

While the environments that both boys grew up in were similar, there are key differences that influenced each Wes Moore into making different decisions later in their lives.

The book begins with a discussion of their fathers; the author Wes Moore, although for a short time in his life, had a loving father who was involved and active.

The other wes moore essay

The other Wes Moore, however, had an alcoholic father who was absent his entire life, not bothering to get involved with his son. The second Wes Moore, unlike the author of this novel, never had a father figure and the only male role model he had was his elder brother who eventually dropped out of school to sell drugs.

Both boys were also raised by their mothers but were raised in entirely different matters. Joy was a hardworking, strong and independent woman who had an education and grew up in a disciplined and structured environment.

Joy was determined to provide the same for her three children, going as far as moving in with her parents and working multiple jobs to allow her children to go to private school instead of the failing public schools of the Bronx. For example, when Wes started to fail in school and did not improve his grades or his behavior his mother sent him to military school.

Joy was a strict disciplinarian. Mary, the mother of the other Wes Moore, was not a strict disciplinarian and did not grow up in a stable environment. Mary tried to provide a good example for her son Wes by attending college and showing him how important education was.

Although she dropped out of school to provide for Wes, she did not provide him the structure and discipline a child needs. Mary never punished Wes. When he was young, Wes learned that he could get away with anything like getting into fights and selling drugs.

The lack of discipline he received also led him to dropping out of school, a decision that made an impact on the rest of his life.

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When Wes moved from Baltimore to the Bronx of New York, his mother refused to put him or his siblings in the failing public schools that were now infested with crime, drugs, and poor teaching, and enrolled her children into private schools such as Riverdale County School.

Although this meant more work for his mother Joy, she refused to give up and send her children to a school that would not provide the necessary education needed to survive in the world.

Military school also provided Wes with male role models to look up to and provide him with guidance and advice. The other Wes Moore had a different approach to education.

Unlike the author, this Wes Moore could not afford to go to a fancy private school. During this time, Baltimore public schools were filled with crime and drugs, with only thirty-eight percent of kids graduating high school.

The other wes moore essay

The other Wes Moore had two role models in his life; his mother and his elder brother Tony. Wes saw both his mother and his elder brother drop out of school. When Wes saw his older brother Tony drop out of school to sell drugs and saw the money he made from it, Wes found education unnecessary.

Graduating and going to college was never an expectation or a priority for this Wes Moore. When growing up the author was raised with high expectations from his family and mentors.

If Wes broke the rules or his behavior was out of control, a punishment was expected.

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For example, when Wes was young and hit his sister not knowing any better, his mother lectured him. When Wes did not improve his behavior or grades, he was sent to military school as a punishment.

Wes was raised on high expectations and was taught to follow those expectations. The other Wes Moore however, was not raised with high expectations.

His mother never raised him with high expectations or discipline for not following those expectations. She never expected him to graduate school and when he did not graduate, she did not discipline him for it. She never told him to not be involved in drug dealing and when he did get involved she did not punish him or try to stop him.

When Wes became a father at a young age, she did not seem surprised and did not lecture him on making smarter decisions.A couple months earlier there had been some fumbling with a stranger in his car.

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French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre once said, “We are our choices.” Human beings make the choices that determine their fate and the person they become.

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