The media and todays youth

Member since March 17, 7 Posts Age 28 Recently,the world has seen a lot of protests, riots and demonstration by a lot of young people who feel that they have been cheated in one way or the other by governments in the country they come from some resulted in acts of violence as a result of these developments.

The media and todays youth

Learning in Todays World Menu Education has changed forever.

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And it keeps changing. The first generation who grew up with smart phones is now hitting college. How different is their learning style? Forget the idea that you can send your kids worry-free to the neighborhood school Forget trusting the school to teach your children Forget all your ideas of students being empty eager vessels to fill full of knowledge And forget the idea that if they get into college, they are on the right track and the parents can kick-back thinking that their job is now done.

Technology, the school systems, the students, and the careers that they are preparing for. Lets start with the students… The youth of today are very sophisticated in terms of use of technology and have, compared to previous generations, the attention span of a gnat.

They multitask constantly and are more comfortable with a keyboard or touch screen than with a pad of paper. And while they are savvy tech users that does not mean that they have any sophistication in technology and trends.

High school kids today cannot imagine a pre-Facebook world. Education today is built on the idea of choice.

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Should your children be in virtual public schools? How about public magnet or charter schools? Should they be blending some virtual with some bricks and mortar schools. Online education is now mainstream with colleges, grad schools and continuing education all offering traditional, blended, and online options.

Even the traditional is technology infused. The work force needs for careers today and tomorrow are changing rapidly. With company stability diminishing most workers will work for companies during their career and spend some time as their own boss and marketing manager and strategy executive during their career.

Training for this dynamic future is quite different than preparing for the long stable corporate careers of just one generation ago. Our people are now, as Marc Prensky called them a decade or so ago: Learning styles have evolved as have our diagnostic tools and categories of learning styles and the dysfunctions.

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And while public schools still dominate the educational system, homeschooling and virtual schools are the two hottest growth areas in education. How quaint it seems today!

Telecommuting has gone from fringe to mainstream. Email, once exotic and unreliable, is increasingly the main internal form of communication. Video conferencing too is shifting into the mainstream with video conferences and Google Hangouts becoming routine.

The numbers on education. The rest are in the public schools.

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The magnet programs used to be a growth sector within the public schools. The major growth sectors today are the virtual schools and the remote learning component within the bricks and mortar schools and homeschooling.The following Notices and Case Lists allow you to search by name and access case details for a specific case.

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The media and todays youth

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