The hidden injuries of the poor

The myth is that we live in a meritocracy and since we live in a meritocracy people who do not succeed have only themselves to blame — which they do and so we also live in a society that breeds status anxiety.

The hidden injuries of the poor

They loathe a government that often redistributes and regulates in their favor.

The hidden injuries of the poor

What was at work here? Her odyssey took her to an ideal locale to fathom the apparent cognitive dissonance of the right-wing populist backlash—the swampy region around Lake Charles, Louisiana, a town of 75, all but ruined by the petrochemical industry.

In ten extended trips to southwest Louisiana, Hochschild proceeded with great humility, sitting around kitchen tables, taking drives, going to church, listening respectfully to the life stories of 60 people, accumulating 4, pages of transcript. Despite their political differences, she grew to like, even admire, most of them, for their generosity and fortitude.

Her tale is at once baffling, demoralizing, and a wake-up call for liberals.

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It is the clearest narrative exposition yet of the social basis of the Trump backlash and of right-wing populism generally. Several have elderly disabled parents and had them declared indigent in order to enable them to receive Medicaid.

Places like southwest Louisiana also desperately need government protection from predatory industry. A region that these adults remember as a paradise of plentiful fishing, hunting, swimming, and boating on lovely bayous is now a substantially uninhabitable landscape, due to the predations of companies like Union Carbide and PPG.

Water cannot be safely drunk and is dangerous to swim in.


The fish are mostly gone or toxic to eat. Methane seeps out of the earth. Nearby, along the Mississippi River, is an mile strip of more than chemical plants, widely known as Cancer Alley because of the elevated cancer rates linked to toxic waste.

The locals are indeed strangers in their own land. Even Mike Schaff, who personally crusaded against the chemical companies at risk to his own livelihood, votes Tea Party.

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How can this possibly be? These people, after all, are not stupid. More to the point, she finds, they are good, worthy, likable folk, quick to help a neighbor in distress. The federal EPA may be somewhat better, but it is even more remote, and seems to care more about protecting obscure species than saving bayous.

If the government had been doing its job, their homes would not have been turned into a ruined landscape of toxic waste.

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The most fervent recruits to the Tea Party, as Alec MacGillis has observed, are not working-class, much less underclass.Jan 01,  · To ask other readers questions about The Hidden Injuries of Class, please sign up.

Be the first to ask a question about The Hidden Injuries of Class One of the best books about socio-economic class and how it punishes the poor psychologically through blame and shame as /5. The Problem of Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities What This Guide Does and Does Not Cover.

This guide examines the problem of pedestrian-vehicle crashes resulting in injuries and fatalities. Randy David is a Filipino journalist, who also does television hosting. He wrote an article about the hidden injuries of the poor while he was in New Delhi in The Secret Scripture of the Poor by Rev.

John Henaghan Imprimi potest - Joannes, Episcopus Midensis, December 21, TAKEN FROM CATHOLIC TREASURES, ISSUE 79, FOREWORD Poverty and hardship are the lot of many; suffering and death overtake all.

Shift of rural poor into more urban or semi urban communities, increasing urban poverty Flight of white populations from inner-city areas and into the suburbs Resulting .

Oct 03,  · The injuries of the poor are being humiliated,being accused of a crime they never committed and being ignored by people to whom they have given their unconditional loyalty when they need help. does media help ease the pain and sufferings of the poor?

The hidden injuries of the poor
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