Strategic management summary report

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Strategic management summary report

Intend of this report is to propose the understanding of the external environment affecting an organization.

Report starts from briefing the background of this chosen organization. Further part of the report will illustrate the review of already existing business plan and strategy of that enterprise.

After reviewing all these analysis, report will carry the discussion forward to develop the options for strategic planning. Afterwards, the report will highlight the areas to be considered whilst constructing a strategic plan.

Strategic management summary report, report throws light on the process of building that strategic plan by reviewing all the options available. Furthermore, the planning of implementation of that strategic plan also has been described.

Lastly, an insight has been provided as a part of the conclusion of the report along with the recommendations. It will then make it easy to outline the factors affecting. Dell is a US based company which is into hardware sales and services.

It conducts its business worldwide through its subsidiaries. Through its multi segments, It proposes its customers a spectrum of solutions and services globally by itself or by other distribution channels.

The solutions it provides include servers, networking and storage product. To offer these support and services efficiently, it has framed business plans and strategies.

Dell built its status throughout the world as a leading technology service provider with the help of strategy and business plans set for the organization.

Consequently, Dell has experienced tremendous expansion over the past twenty years. The values, vision and mission of the company entail the fulfillment of these well-known goals. The purpose of this report is to identify a strategic plan and to evaluate internal and external factors affecting the plan within this competitive landscape Thomson Reuters, n.

However, the company conducts various analysis i. The one problem concerned by Dell is the furious competition in the industry. For this, Dell initiated the ways to overcome the weaknesses of the company and to take the advantage of its strengths over its competitors.

Firstly, factors have been determined in this coming section of the report. Factors affecting the organization: In general, DELL company is regarded as a self-motivated and complex organization because of its verified best quality services.

It serves the solutions to the world with its best renowned management values. To continue with this proven quality, company determines the external factors which may affect the performance.

Primarily, Dell and its competitors are affected by economic, environmental, social, legal, political, and technological factors.


All these factors affect the industry to a varying degree. However, it is critical to assess whether these contextual aspects are conductive to a specific direction. The political aspects are likely to include worldwide, government directives, funding council and institutional policies.

It becomes vital to take this factor into account because many countries still have some restraining policies which are maintained to defend domestic manufacturers and production.

The economic environment refers to the nature and route of the economy in which an organization competes or may contend. It includes funding mechanism and streams, company directives, budgetary restrictions and income generation targets of the enterprise.

A primary threat that Dell encounter is the problem of software piracy. Additional factors can be consumer expenditure, interest rates, currency fluctuations, exchange rates and other costs in order to evaluate the influence of economic factors on the organization.

JISC infonet, Social: As a result, commoditization of the industries enables it to be accessible to the consumers earning lower income. External social factor affects the organization in terms of providing them the solution according to their demand because customers choose a single vendor to meet all of their requirements.

Therefore, to remain competitive, it is essential for the company to satisfy them with the best service and solution David, There is barely any industry that is characterized by a quicker technological development than the computer industry. Moreover, the rate of obsolescence and the impact of the internet use also matters in this framework.

After determining all the factors, an organization needs to review its already existing business plan and strategy.

Strategic management summary report

Precisely, this has been explained in further segment of the report.Oct 18,  · Section 1: Executive Summary The Executive Summary of your strategic plan should be completed last, and this section merely summarizes each of the other sections of your plan.

STRATEGIC PLAN – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 THE BIG GOAL To increase the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60 percent by the year THE NEED The percentage of Americans between the ages of 25 and 64 with a two- or four-year degree is.

Executive Summary This report was commissioned to analyze and discuss the application of the strategic management process on Burberry the clothing manufacturing fashion organization of how they have done its strategic analysis, the way of them formulating strategy and implementation of strategy.

on whether the management report is prepared in accordance with legal requirements. A practical guide to the strategic report. Key areas of change that we expect the guidance to drive include: A practical guide to the strategic report.

The. guidance – the -. A summary of your plan with strategic objectives and goals but without action items. Good for management teams and boards.

Strategic management summary report

Includes status and comments of . This report describes and discusses the types of risks Executive Summary problems with information technology, including compromised data Strategic Management of Resources and Portfolios: Structuring Risk to Maximize Opportunity in Pharmaceutical R&D way to manage a company.

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