Statistics and stress in medicos

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Statistics and stress in medicos

Non-commercial uses of the work are permitted without any further permission from Dove Medical Press Limited, provided the work is properly attributed. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Alfaisal University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is a developing institution; hence, there has been a concern regarding the mental well-being of the students.

Objectives This study was designed to assess the traits of depression, anxiety, and stress among students in relation to potential underlying reasons. Methods All medical students across the 5 years of study participated by filling out the Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scale DASS questionnaire anonymously twice.

Firstly, 2—3 weeks before a major examination pre-examinationand secondly, during regular classes post-examination. Correlation was sought regarding sex, year of scholarship, attendance of a premedical university preparatory program UPPhousing, and smoking.

Subjective comments from students were also obtained. Results A total of The students perceived the curriculum and schedule to be the primary causes of their high DASS scores. Students suggested that study burden and a busy schedule were the major reasons for their high DASS scores.

DASS, examination, medical education, smoking, depression, anxiety, stress Introduction Mental Statistics and stress in medicos is regarded as an essential component of health by the World Health Organization.

Anxiety is more related to autonomic arousal, skeletal muscle tension, and situational aspects, whereas stress is more related to irritability, impatience, and difficulty in relaxing. Undergraduate medical education comprises strenuous study and training for 5—6 years. The curricular objectives are dynamic due to expanding knowledge and evolving therapies.

During this period, medical students should acquire adequate professional knowledge, skill, and attitudes in order to prepare themselves to deal with life-long professional challenges independently.

It has been reported that medical students consequently suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress. The competition for getting postgraduate training and job opportunities could be an additional trigger for psychological illness.

It has also been reported that physicians tend to have a higher suicidal rate than the general population. The government in Saudi Arabia puts emphasis on observing morality in society as well as promoting and facilitating the practice of religion. Islam, the predominant religion in the country, advocates honesty and hard work, and educates its followers to remain optimistic and peaceful in all circumstances.

The crime rate is also among the lowest in the world. The Saudi Arabian economy is largely tax-free and has a high gross domestic product. Thus, it draws skilled and non-skilled labor from all parts of the world. However, the naturalization prospects for non-Saudis are almost nonexistent.

The public-sector institutions prioritize Saudi citizens for professional education. Hence, non-Saudi expatriate workers living in the kingdom only have the provision of private-sector institutions, such as ours, should they wish their children to pursue higher education.

Since the students get admission after rigorous competition and can afford to pay for their fees, this could translate into a sound academic record and being financially well-off. Presumably, this may further favor lower levels of depression, anxiety, or stress.

Statistics and stress in medicos

The students are generally supported as well as supervised by their parents or guardians in terms of sustenance, nurture, and education.

This trend is further consolidated by prohibition of work permits to dependent children of foreign workers in the country. Like many societies in the Middle East and South Asia, youth, especially females, do not live independently from their families.

Thus, they usually live with their guardians. Presumably, this could confer a sense of security and thus psychological well-being.

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A recent report has suggested that cigarette smoking is on the rise among youth in Saudi Arabia. A number of studies have identified the pattern, predictors, and characteristics of tobacco smoking among local youth.

Conversely, it has been noted that periods of stress lead to increased smoking prevalence. Some recent large studies conducted in various cities of Saudi Arabia 15 — 18 have suggested that stress, anxiety, or depression exists among medical students.

Although these studies have inducted a large number of students total 2,the subject is only partially addressed. Further, the participants were only Saudis and different tools were used to measure the mental well-being.

Thus, the status of mental well-being as influenced by nationality, living conditions, sex, and smoking at a competitive, multiethnic setting like ours in Saudi Arabia remains unclear. The College of Medicine at Alfaisal University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is a relatively new institution which offers medical training to all sexes and ethnicities.Rex Research was established in by Robert A.

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Stress and burnout - Statistics & Facts Stress and burnout have become an increasing and often-discussed phenomenon over the last decade. A survey from found that financial worries, work.

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Statistics is a topic associated with mathematics. Most degree classs in universities combine statistics with math. Biostatistics is one field where we have borrowed some rules of statistics to help in our medical research for the common good of the society.

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