Song writing apps for android

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Song writing apps for android

You then want to could record it, write down lyrics, or draw some further inspiration to work on the idea more. This article includes affiliate links where the author may receive a commission.

Here are 5 songwriting apps that can help you make note of and build on your ideas. Suggester iOS Suggester is a tool to help musicians create better songs and chord progressions.

Basically, the app helps you write better songs by suggesting chords that will work well with the ones you have.

Tapping the suggested chords in different patterns can help you put together new awesome chord progressions on the go. With the free version, you can access any major scale suggestions.

Evernote iOS Android Evernote is an awesome note-taking app that stores your notes in the cloud. Hum Hum combines note-taking and recording into a single app, making it easy to capture all of your songwriting ideas.

song writing apps for android

Hum a tune or write down lyric ideas all in the same app. You can even sync everything with Dropbox. For Hum, there is no free version. It includes a virtual analog synth, sample trigger pads, a sequencer, a sample editor, a mixer, and multiple effects to choose from to use in your song.

You can even share your work by emailing it to your friends or band members from within the app. With this version, you can record up to 6 instruments at once. The app has powerful idea generating tools such as the ability to search for rhyming words and a keyword based phrase generator.

You can also record with the app, add chord notation to your lyrics, and takes notes all in a nicely organized user interface.The Youtube app for Android doesn't allow you to play video in the background. Here is how you can listen to YouTube without the video on Android.

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Start Free. Sometimes two song-writing heads are better than one. SongSpace lets you easily shares access to your songs with bandmates and musical friends.

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