Rajneeti movie analysis

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Rajneeti movie analysis

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Past isn't going to haunt them much or affect their relationship adversely, because there are no major 'planetary returns' happening in their Chart, notes Ganesha.

Even if something surfaces, it will just be for a little while, and shall not affect any of these two people's lives or their relationship together. When will i get married astrology?

Get answers to your questions astrologically. What lies ahead for this relationship - in general? Considering the inter-planetary aspects between the two Horoscopes, Ganesha Rajneeti movie analysis that the relationship is going to be a bit challenging for both of the lovely people involved, after it culminates into marriage.

Even if the conflict of interests is not there, it will be difficult for these two to understand each other's needs in love, for the following reasons - Katrina is born with Venus in Leo and Ranbir is born with Venus in Virgo. Both these planetary configurations are indicative of the stress involved in a love relationship, which is likely to continue to reflect on their married life too.

If Ranbir-Katrina get married - Will this be a successful union?

Rajneeti movie analysis

The planetary picture shows that Ranbir-Katrina union may only be partly successful. After they tie the nuptial note, they may realise that their expectations in love are little different from each other's.

Thus, this union does have potential to get converted into a 'stressful' union, especially, if both the people involved find themselves unable to handle it properly. Overall, as in any marriage, in this one too, both the partners will have work on their shortcomings to make it successful.

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Something on their individual Natal Charts and careers - in the coming year and after the marriage, if and when it materialises.

Considering the planetary transits in both the Surya Kundalis, Ganesha feels that both Katrina's and Ranbir's careers don't look set to be affected much after their marriage. Katrina, thus, may experience a relative slow down in her career, as the transiting Saturn will be forming a Square aspect with her Natal Venus in Leo, in the coming times.

However, this is largely her personal thing - a planetary effect in her own Kundali, and thus may not be entirely called a by-effect of her marriage, as and when it takes place. Considering this factor and other inter-planetary combinations between both people's Charts, Ganesha feels that Katrina shall surely become more selective in choosing her roles after her marriage.

Post Julywhen Jupiter transits over Katrina's Natal Venus, Ganesha expects her to be under the spotlight for about an year - with some noticeable releases.

You may also get your horoscope analysed by expert astrologers!Jun 10,  · “Since Rajneeti is a hardcore political thriller, a special video has been shot to promote the movie featuring the star cast singing the national anthem,” says Shikha Kapur, senior vice-president of marketing, UTV Motion Pictures.

Jun 05,  · Raajneeti: Boxoffice killer Raajneeti surpassed all expectations with its humongous business on day one. Despite smaller release in multiplex, Killer business in single screens and excellent business at multiplexes enable this movie to collect smashing Crore.

Read synopsis and story outline of Raajneeti hindi movie online on attheheels.com Jun 05,  · Watch video · Movie Synopsis: It is the story of a fiercely fought election campaign where money power and corruption are the accepted norms and where treachery and manipulation are routinely used weapons.

As the personal drama of these conflict-ridden characters unfolds against this gritty backdrop love and friendship become mere baits and relationships get. Raajneeti is the story of one man’s struggle to keep away from his family’s business – politics.

Rajneeti movie analysis

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