Plant asset

That could be five years or the production ofwidgets. What is the pattern of benefit or usefulness derived from the asset? How is the asset used? Every day, 5 or 7 days per week?

Plant asset

Plant asset

Best in Class Collaboration A single window for managing plant-wide assets The device navigator displays the status of plant-wide assets with a Windows Explorer-like interface. Flexible navigation mechanisms enable maintenance personnel to quickly identify areas of the plant that require online diagnosis.

Intuitive status icons for the field devices change color depending on the diagnostic conditions.

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Maintenance personnel can easily focus on specific plant areas and assets that require attention. Necessary actions can be taken at the right time, maximizing productivity.

For operators The Operator Guide Message generated by a predictive maintenance alarm gives operators enough time to manage process changes when an asset fails.

Operators can check the device diagnostics information by clicking the Operator Guide Message Plant asset launch DeviceViewer.

Plant Resource Manager (PRM) | Yokogawa Electric Corporation

For maintenance personnel PRM action guidance messages help maintenance personnel determine what actions are needed based on alarm details and probable causes. This allows field maintenance personnel to make the most efficient and effective use of their time.

The DeviceViewer window displays real-time diagnostic parameters and trend data for field devices. Maintenance Marks Maintenance marks are used by maintenance engineers to identify the status of a device.

Plant asset

It is possible to assign a maintenance mark to each device. Using these marks, maintenance engineers can set and check the work status of devices. Maintenance marks can also be linked with CENTUM's operation marks so that maintenance engineers and operators can share the same information and coordinate their work.

Easy and flexible access to historical data PRM's historical records automatically store information on the who, when, why, and what of the changes that are made to field assets, along with all alarms, diagnosis results, and maintenance work records.

The historical records can be filtered and sorted for quick analysis. A KPI report provides an overview of device conditions and helps users prioritize their maintenance activities. It is known that partial stroke tests PST extends the interval period between full stroke tests FST for emergency shutdown valves and help to reduce maintenance costs.


PST Scheduler can schedule an automatic, semi-automatic, or manual PST and automatically record test results for safety valves connected either to a Yokogawa ProSafe-RS or another safety instrumented systems. PST Scheduler works with safety valves from the four leading vendors. Testing is efficient and well planned and results are shown on a single screen without any additional hardware or software.

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