My happiestmoment is when i got first salary

April 12, Hey, guys! I hope you all had a lovely past week and are currently having a great start to this week.

My happiestmoment is when i got first salary

I assumed a management position within my team in August Should I address this with my boss or start looking for a new job? You were right not to request a raise when you were asked to take on more responsibilities, says Patrick Dailey, director of human resources for TXU Energy, a retail energy company in Dallas.

Many companies want employees to be motivated mostly by the challenge involved in a promotion, Mr. Your best approach is probably to sit down with your boss to talk about it. The last thing you want is to hand in your resignation and then find out that your manager was working out a way to pay you more.

If your recent raise was within this range, your company may not be willing to pay you more at this time, says Jane Weizmann, a senior compensation consultant with Watson Wyatt Worldwide. Before meeting with your boss, determine how much more you believe you are worth in the new role, Mr.


This amount should be reasonable. Start the meeting by saying how much you value the new opportunity. At this point, you should pause to allow your manager to provide an explanation. If she asks what you had expected, be ready with a reasonable answer, such as a change in your job grade or a larger potential bonus award.

Be careful to weigh all the pros and cons of moving. If the difference between your pay now and what you want is relatively small, "a move can be more painful than staying in your current situation," Mr.

Send career questions to Perri Capell at careersqa wsj.After i got my offer letter from the i called my MOM first and she was so happy with the news, that was the day when i made my parents proud. We will write a custom essay on My First Job and First Salary specifically for you.

Mar 10,  · When I started my first company, I would spend my lunch hour each day in my car, making phone calls hoping they wouldn't go over my allotted break. Once I got home and got Author: Dana Severson. When I first cried on my first day to school is the happiest I used to celebrate my birthday in school distributing chocolates to all my is my happiest moment.

Getting passed out of my SSC with first class after eagerly searching for my number in a local newspaper is my happiest moment. My Happiestmoment Is When I Got First Salary The first time I got arrested It all started one warm summer night in Lynn, Massachusetts back in good old I had just almost passed my sophomore year in high school falling one credit shy.

For gaining this large information, interviewer needs to ask questions which will brood in deeper and get them greater insights of the person.

My happiestmoment is when i got first salary

The question-‘ What is your happiest moment’ help interviewer gather the following information: Ability to handle the sudden confusing question – Author: Krishna Reddy. Apr 12,  · I remember getting a call from my admissions counselor before I received my acceptance letter, and he told me that I had gotten it.

I was so excited, especially since he called me to tell me that I got in! I will admit that my first semester was rough, and that I was questioning if .

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