M tech dissertation report

Provision should be made to conduct MES14 theory classes and internal assessment test for these students by the respective colleges. Students studied I semester with Physics group will be readmitted to II Semester Chemistry New Scheme along with the regular students without any replacement of subjects. Rejection of semester results A candidate if desires, shall reject the results of whole semester irrespective of performance of any individual subject.

M tech dissertation report

The flow chart suggests that there are four basic phases to the training process. The first occurs even before the individual begins formal training. This initial phase, which is crucial for effective social and emotional learning, involves preparation for change.

This preparation occurs at both the organizational and individual levels. The second phase, training, covers the change process itself. It includes the processes that help people change the way in which they view the world and deal with its social and emotional demands. The third phase, transfer and maintenance, addresses what happens following the formal training experience.

The final phase involves evaluation. Given the current state of knowledge about social and emotional learning, the complexity of programs designed to promote such learning and the great unevenness in M tech dissertation report effectiveness of existing programs, evaluation always should be part of the process.

Preparation for Change Motivation is especially important in social and emotional learning 8. Such learning can be challenging for adults who already have established a way of relating to themselves and others, and people need to be strongly committed to the change process for an extended period of time.

The first set of guidelines addresses this question. Good training begins with a needs assessment 9. For social and emotional training, there are two particular challenges that must be addressed at this point in the process.

First, many people in the organization will be skeptical about the link between emotional intelligence and the bottom line. A systematic and rigorous study can help show that such a link exists. For instance, in one large financial services company, there was considerable skepticism about the value of training in "emotional competence" until top executives saw the results of a study showing that financial advisors who coped better with the emotional aspects of work with clients sold more life insurance policies.

Once they saw the connection between this particular type of emotional competence and the bottom line, the executives encouraged advisors to participate in an emotional competence training program.

The second challenge in applying this guideline to social and emotional training efforts is to identify all of the particular competencies that are important for success.

Sometimes it is easy to miss crucial ones. Because airlines are similar in price structure, a competitive advantage depends particularly on how well passengers are treated by airline personnel. As a result, the way in which flight attendants handled passengers became the focus for training efforts.

Research then indicated that superior performers had two types of competencies: However, two other competencies, self-awareness and empathy, help support the self-management and interpersonal competencies. So the training program also needed to include these. Only a careful assessment of the work situation, informed by an understanding of the nature of emotional competence, enabled the consultant to identify both the surface-level and deeper competencies that affected performance.

Assess Personal Strengths and Limits. Two challenges confront those who wish to assess the social and emotional competence of individuals. First, people usually are less aware of skill weaknesses in the social and emotional domains They may realize, for example, that the interpersonal aspects of leading a work group are difficult and frustrating.

But they may not be able to pinpoint the emotional skills they need in order to improve their functioning in this area. They are probably even less aware of the underlying attitudes and ways of thinking that get them into trouble, or how those ways of thinking trigger complex emotional response patterns that impede their effectiveness in dealing with difficult employees, customers, or coworkers.

Second, these competencies are manifested primarily in social interaction. Therefore, the best approach usually involves ratings by those who interact with the person. However, the beliefs, motives, and feelings of the rater influence ratings of social and emotional competence. The best assessment approach for initiating social and emotional learning thus is usually based on multiple ratings conducted from multiple perspectives, such as degree assessments that include boss, peer, and subordinate ratings When not managed well, it can create resistance rather than readiness.

In the most effective development programs, the participants are helped to review these ratings and then use them to identify the competencies that should be the focus of training efforts.* NUES.

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M tech dissertation report
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