It 255 unit 1 assignment 2

Due in Unit 1 Complete the Chapter 1 mini-case homework, p. Prepare this Assignment as a Word document. List each question, followed by your answer.

It 255 unit 1 assignment 2

We do not trust our visual color perception enough to leave all the testing to "eye-balling". To get started with the source code, put them all in a new directory. They must all be in the same folder to work.

You then need to run a2app. That is, open the command shell and navigate to the directory for this assignment. Then type python a2app. That is Kivy our GUI library initializing the application.

When the messages are done, you should see a GUI window that looks like the following. In this application there is a solid color panel in the upper left, some sliders on the right, and some text boxes and buttons down at the bottom.

Right now, very little works. If you move the RGB sliders, you will see the color panels change color; however, none of the other sliders work.

You can also change the color by entering the new color value into the R, G, and B fields and then hitting the RGB button; none of the other fields or buttons do anything. Your job is to write and test, one by one, the functions in module a2. As you do, more and more of the GUI will work properly.

The color panels on the left should be two different colors, and they should each be the complement of the other. You can change these colors by moving the sliders. If you move the sliders in one color model, then the sliders in the other color models will follow automatically.

In the illustration above, you can see that we have started to type numbers into the fields for RGB. Once we are done typing, we can press the RGB button to make this the new color. The same thing works in the other color models.

This allows you to try exact colors while testing your application. The numbers in the text field should be in their respective ranges: If you type in a negative number, the program replaces it and uses 0 instead.

If you type in too large a number, the program replaces it and uses the maximum value for the range. We will show off our solution several times in class. We will also make it available to TAs to show in office hours.

It 255 unit 1 assignment 2

Experimenting with the Color Models If we could, we would give you a sample solution to play with so that you would see what a working program is supposed to look like. Unfortunately, we cannot do that. Python is not a compiled language, so there is no easy way to give you a solution without showing you the source code.

Click on Image to Experiment Instead, we are doing the next best thing. We have provided you with an online color converter. Click on the image above to go to a special web page where you can enter various color values.

This web page shows you what the answers should look like for various inputs after you enter a value in a field on that page, you have to click on a different field to get the whole page to update to the new values. Use this page to help you design your test cases for the rest of the assignment.

Testing and Debugging You should use the testing and debugging methodologies that you used in the first assignment. You will want to unit test with a2test.

You will be graded on the completeness of your test cases. Remember our comments from the first assignment. You will probably want to add print statements to a2.

Traces will be particularly valuable for this assignment because it is the first major assignment involving conditionals.

It 255 unit 1 assignment 2

Because this is a much more complex assignment than the first, we recommend that you be very descriptive with your watches and traces. You should write and test your functions, one at a time, in the order given. Read the text below, but also make sure you carefully read the specifications and comments in the provided code.

The complement of a color is like a color negative.Kaplan GB unit 1 assignment. May 3, Past Papers, Uncategorized. Question Assignment: Due in Unit 1 Complete the Chapter 1 mini-case homework, p.

48 - Prepare this Assignment as a Word document. List each question, followed by your answer. Please submit this Assignment .

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