Financial planning insurance case study

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Financial planning insurance case study

This determined the impact of maximizing b contributions.

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In addition their retirement asset allocation was reviewed and recommended alignment to a strategy appropriate for their stage in life.

Retirement projections were prepared and determined that Cynthia and Albert could retire in two years based on their current living standards and if she maximize her retirement contributions. That they prepare for the meeting with an attorney.

That they have their financial plan available for their daughter in the event she needs to Financial planning insurance case study. That they utilize a tax preparation professional.

Their budget and goals for education, travel, hobby and charity are doable. She also further diversified her cash position to several diversified bond strategies.

Financial planning insurance case study

Her equities were reallocated to represent large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, international developed and emerging market funds. In addition a real estate trust and a commodity index fund were represented in the retirement portfolio.

An appointment was made with a local attorney to draft their estate plan. Two sets of plans were provided; one for Albert and Cynthia and the other for their daughter.

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The projects, travel, charity and seminars are budgeted. Their attorney completed the estate plan. Also they are preparing for their trip to France and they have completed the garden arbor. Finally, they know that their budget will allow for charity and seminars.

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What is important to Michael and Anne? Important Concerns Action item Prepare for Emergency Savings Wants to determine an amount of cash to assist the family business if they need to continue to during this difficult economic environment. Work with family running the business to determine how much reserves might be needed.

Financial planning insurance case study

Investment Preservation Concerned that a significant amount of their cash is uninsured. They would like to conservatively invest to provide income with some appreciation Need to coordinate the maturities of bank deposits, bonds and equity to provide structure. Will and Estate Plan As a result of the sales proceeds a new estate plan must be implemented.

Meet with an attorney specializing in estate plans. Retirement Plan Maximize retirement plan contributions to reduce taxes, rebalance investments Meet with human resource representative.

Case Study: How a financial plan looks -

Tax Concerns Invest in tax efficient bonds and stocks. Michael and Anne wish to work with existing banks and investment advisors. Meet with investment advisors to coordinate invesments.Diploma of Financial Planning FNS Are you interested in a rewarding career in the Financial Planning industry?

The Diploma of Financial Planning FNS is the bare minimum requirement to get you there! IIT are a preferred provider of RG accreditation for many large Dealer groups, banks and Financial Planning companies.

Our Senior Facilitator holds a PhD in Finance and is renowned. The CII’s R06 exam forms part of the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. The exam is based on two case studies. This case study on subprime crisis concentrates on liquidity - an asset's property of being traded quickly and at low cost.

Particular attention is devoted to determinants of liquidity, liquidity risk and central bank intervention - all that have arisen due to liquidity problems at Northern Rock, due to the subprime crisis. This course applies students' knowledge and skill set in personal financial planning techniques to a comprehensive case study.

Students will integrate into a prioritized comprehensive financial plan the core financial planning disciplines of. Inside Cases in Financial Planning: Analysis and Preparation are the real stories of how to create a sound client relationship in order to implement a sound financial plan. You’ll meet The Burkes, a % complete financial planning case with analysis and answers.

Real life case studies. Navigating through divorce and job resignation and securing early retirement. Mazars Financial Planning have been providing ongoing financial planning advice to Mike and Susan Green, since

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