Factors affecting the choice of drug brands by doctors

Living in an institution Types of Femoral Neck Fracture Femoral neck fractures are a type of proximal hip fractures occurring proximal to the inter-trochanteric line. All proximal fractures are intracapsular fractures. It usually affects elderly people who have weak bones. It is common occurrence with the first snowfall of the season.

Factors affecting the choice of drug brands by doctors

Diagnosis of a Femoral Neck Fracture Diagnostic imaging is central to the diagnosis of femoral neck fractures.

Plain x-ray hip Helps to rule out any obvious fractures and also determine the site and extent of the fracture. However, a plain radiograph may appear normal in a patient with a femoral neck stress fracture or an undisplaced fracture.

Bone scanning Bone scans may be indicated when a stress fracture, tumor, or infection is suspected. Treatment of a Femoral Neck Fracture Acute Phase Treatment of hip fracture generally involves a combination of surgery, rehabilitation and drugs.

Several factors need to be considered before a treatment plan is recommended The aim of treatment in patients with femoral neck fractures threefold, namely - to promote healing, prevention of complications, and return of normal function. Physical therapy In uncomplicated fractures, especially those in younger athletes, treatment must focus on rest and reversal of any training errors.

Modifying one's risk factors is critical at this point to prevent progression of the fracture. A physical therapist may be necessary to reinforce the physician's instructions for rest and helping the patient modify his or her training program to allow healing.

For fitness, the remaining extremities may be exercised.

Factors affecting the choice of drug brands by doctors

There should be no weight bearing on the affected hip, and suitable strengthening exercises may be prescribed that avoid weight bearing. He can evaluate the patient for gait or anatomic abnormalities that may have caused the fracture.

A few patients may require to be fitted with an external device to control excessive pronation that may lead to increased stress on the femoral neck and increase risk of fracture.

Whether surgery is indicated or not, the physical therapist helps in educating the patient and prescribing suitable exercises. Surgical Management The choice of surgery generally depends on the site and severity of the fracture, whether the broken fragments retain their alignment or not displaced fractureage, and any underlying health conditions.

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If pain does not lessen or there is evidence of fracture line expansion, internal fixation with multiple parallel lag screws or pins is indicated. Displaced fractures - Management of displaced femoral fractures depends on the age and mobility of the patient.

A displaced fracture in a young patient is considered an orthopedic emergency. Early open reduction and internal fixation is considered the treatment of choice.

The chances of returning to a high level of sport participation is poor. In elderly patients with displaced fracture, treatment options include open reduction and internal fixation or prosthetic replacement.

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