Enterprise social networking case studies

Besides this, data scientists have been termed as having "The sexiest job in the 21st Century" which makes it all the more worthwhile to build up some valuable expertise in these areas.

Enterprise social networking case studies

Shobha B H, Enterprise Social Lead — India, Microsoft, shares a few case studies to show how it is now impacting the manufacturing industry. With government support, many manufacturing organizations are looking to adopt new state-of-the-art technologies that would help them be more productive, cut costs, and maximize profits.

The beginning Organizations understand that employee connectivity and productivity are an integral part of growth in any business. In the past, this was done using traditional methods of communication. In most organizations, a pulse survey marks the beginning of ESN. The situation is marked by employees expressing the need to be more connected and aware of current events.

They do not require a one-way communication via a newsletter or updates on the intranet portal. Keeping all employees informed and connected was a major task as organizations operated from over 20 different locations across India.

Employees felt that the leadership and corporate offices did not understand them well.

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This brought out the need for a networking model to keep workers in sync with the corporate office and vice versa. Before ESN, most organizations had created an intranet platform to share information. However, this was again a one-way network.

Social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn started influencing employees and they sought a similar platform at work. When the Enterprise social networking case studies industry started expanding, the companies felt the need to be competitive and innovative.

This need drove them to adopt ESN. Unlike banking, finance, and industries dealing with IP, people in the manufacturing industry welcomed the change. ESN initiated After evaluating several ESN platforms available in the market, most organizations choose one that requires a minimal learning curve, is easy to adopt, and less complex to implement.

A leading brewery recently adopted Yammer as their new ESN platform. To promote the change, the HR and leadership teams encouraged employees to use the new platform to voice their opinion and share feedback and ideas. The leadership team also carved out time in their daily schedule to be in touch with employees via ESN.

The teams leveraged existing intranet and increased traffic to Yammer with banners and emailers. Several workshops were conducted to familiarize people with the new platform.

Soon it was noticed that Yammer had a higher uptake because it was similar to other known social networking platforms. Once the employees started using it, they found it easier to create groups and exchange information. Implementation and time taken Implementation of Yammer hardly takes time.

The software is ready to use and scalable with out-of-the-box capabilities to drive engagements. Once companies purchase the software, it takes them less than a week to configure and less than a day to integrate it with existing intranet platforms. As long as organizations have a well-established authentication mechanism, it should be easy.

Receptiveness of the industry If Yammer is launched with leadership support and clear guidance on how and why to use the platform, we see a really good uptake. And in just four months, the entire organization adopted ESN. ESN is a key component in the overall communications strategy for many organizations.

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When employees used only email, they were unable to send large attachments or had to repeat the same information with different sets of people. ESN solved these problems.

The corporate teams created a group and started updating PowerPoint presentations with screenshots and educating people on how to implement it for different states. Many organizations also use this forum to educate people on health and safety, sustainability, and quality policies.

Enterprise social networking case studies

Content management Depending on the size of the organization, the amount of content exchanged between employees also varies. ESN proves to be a great asset in managing data. One of leading breweries creates an internal magazine every month using data received from 20 different facilities.

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With Yammer, teams can send up to 5GB data online. They no longer have delays in releasing the newsletter and find it easier to share content. At the Corporate Office, the desks are cleaner without CDs and envelopes of pictures.

Tapping into the collective Intelligence of the workforce The right ESN serves as a great platform to get a pulse of the workforce.The enterprise decision-maker's guide to using Web for profit: solutions and best practices from the leaders at IBM Covers both the business and technical challenges associated with successful Web planning and deployment Includes an extensive collection of case studies: companies that have used IBM and third-party technologies to build high-value Web applications and systems Covers.

1 Knowledge Networks for Social Enterprise Success: A Systems Approach to Case Studies in Latin America Abstract The purpose of this research is to enhance understanding of social enterprise .

This case study of a medium enterprise computer services company is based on a July survey of HPE ProLiant Server Solutions customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

Sprout’s enterprise social media management platform makes it seamless to bring large, multi-disciplinary social teams together across content creation and distribution, customer care and measurement initiatives. These case studies exemplify how corporate IT departments are using new tools and approaches to managing their networks and servers.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, a unit of Mandarin Oriental. Social media marketing campaigns & case studies in India all found under one roof. Check out this section to know more about SMM case studies.

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