English short essay on 15 august independence day

The 15th of August is a very important day in the history of our country - India. It was on this day in that India became independent. We won freedom after a hard struggle. All the people irrespective of their caste, look and creed celebrate this day every year amidst great rejoicing.

English short essay on 15 august independence day

Comments The day of 15th August has been written in golden letters in the history of India. On this day our country was liberated from the enslavement of the British. This festival is celebrated by people of all faiths.

The short speech on independence day for school students in English

Many people of the country sacrificed their lives for this freedom. For this freedom, they face lots of problems. We should not forget the great sacrifice of these people. The country got independence but India divided into two pieces.

After separated from India inthe new nation come into existence, we know it with the name of Pakistan. Millions of people burnt in the fire of communalism. Independence Day, almost two hundred years ago, India was under British rule and was suffering from the torture of supremacy.

We all know that Freedom always a first choice of every person. Animals-birds, humans all want to be free.

Long and Short Essay on Independence Day in English

Indians also struggled for independence. The youth, the elderly, the freedom fighters, the revolutionaries sacrificed their lives and saved India from the British Empire. Once, India called gold bird, has been in chains of slavery for hundreds of years because of mutual disturbances.

At that time the Indians had to live the life of suffering, humiliation, exploitation and suffocation, and many people had to sacrifice and struggle to attain independence.

From that day onwards, this national festival is celebrated with great fervour throughout the country and those people whose struggles today are living the lives of our independence are remembered.

English short essay on 15 august independence day

On this day, the country is pledged to move forward on the path of progress and to eradicate distinction. On this day the feeling of love in the country of every country awakens and motivates them to maintain the independence and unity of the country.

English short essay on 15 august independence day

The national festival is celebrated with great joy throughout the nation, but in Delhi it is special to watch the red fort on this day. This day the tributes are paid to the martyrs. On that occasion, there is a public holiday all over India.

On this day there is a Prade held on red fort so from the morning people are gathered in front of the Red Fort. The Prime Minister hoists the flag and gives the message of the Nation.

15 August Independence Day Essay In Hindi, English for Kids

Cannons are given salute. Programs are done at schools, offices and public places. On this day, we should take special care of the fact that we recognize and protect the value of that freedom, and by renouncing personal interests, remain in mutual affection. Always be prepared to protect the independence, unity and integrity of the country.

There should not be any such work, due to which the diversity in the country spread. All religions should respect and obey their duty to advance the country. Independence Day is of utmost importance in every country. It is the same day that every slave country celebrates the day of its independence as a whole celebration.

India celebrates 15th of August every year as Independence Day. This is the national festival of the country, which is celebrated with joyful joy throughout the nation.

15 August Or Independence Day Essay In Hindi English

India was liberated from the enslavement of the British on August 15, This liberation he got after years of slavery. Rajendra Prasadji was elected as the first President. This day was celebrated more than every festival in the country.

On this day there is a holiday day in all educational institutions and offices. People of all religions are involved in this program along with no discrimination. This day gives a sense of freedom to every nation.

On this day, we remember the millions of freedom fighters who, in some way have contributed to the elimination of English from India.

We can never pay their debt, so we try to remember our duty by remembering them. Today, India is fasting in the clutches of horrible diseases like corruption, hoax, kidnapping, ransom, murder, rape etc.attheheels.com (GSO) is a free, public website providing information and resources necessary to help meet the educational needs of students.

Here is 15 August Speech in attheheels.com is a day of celebration and to realize our freedom. Thousands of our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives and millions of them struggled in order to drive away British rulers and constituted a system of democracy.

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15 August Independence Day Essay In Hindi, English for Kids August 14, On this occasion of 15 August Independence Day, India is going to celebrate their 69 th Independence Day and many people around the world are busy in searching Independence Day Essay and Independence Day Speech or 15 August Speech online for their kids, Children.

Independence Day is an annual National Festival in India. It is celebrated on 15 th of August every year.

India gained its freedom from British Empire on 15 th August, Hence, this day is very important for the citizens of India.

On 15th of August, , Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru raised the tri-colour national flag of India at Red Fort, Delhi. Independence Day is observed with great enthusiasm all over the country. Independence day is also celebrated at schools, and teachers explain the significance of this day to the students.

Independence Day (15 August) Essay for Children & Students