Case study xerox s downfall analysis and remedies

Part II continues by detailing the implementation activities of the Corning performance excellence team, along with the results they achieved. It is today, and has been for its long history, a company providing solutions with glass.

Case study xerox s downfall analysis and remedies

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Being an icon of innovation for years research carried out at Palo Alto Research Center and a leader in the copier market, Xerox experienced decades of success.

However, things drastically changed from the year Moreover, the copying and printing giants around the world especially the Japanese companies were taking chunks of its market share.

What caused the downfall of Xerox? The downfall of Xerox is a result of technological change and management failure. The rapid change of the technology sector makes most of the technological companies suffer. However, the biggest problem of Xerox is internal.

The failure includes all of the following: Why did management problems arise at Xerox? There are many reasons: Half-way measures, failure to commercialize innovations.

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To sum it up the problems are due to lack of proper leadership, cooperation and trust. In my opinion, Planning was good until the invention of ink-jet technology by HP.

Another problem in planning was the top level managers could not come up with a strategy to commercialize the innovations made at Palo Alto Research Center PARC. As a result they have lagged in developing digital products and by this time the Japanese companies have already taken over their market share.

The problem Xerox had with organizing was that there was no cooperation between individuals at the top level.

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Both Thoman and Allaire blame each other for the downfall of Xerox. Leading involves energizing and enabling organizational members to organizational goals.

Case study xerox s downfall analysis and remedies

So it is important that all the organizational members trust and like their leaders. In Xerox, Thoman could not reach the goals as he was not liked by the board of directors and more importantly not trusted. Also, Thoman destroyed employee morale by massive sales force reorganization and hence could not become a good leader.

These failures led to the loss of market share to its competitors. And Thoman could not do much to improve the situation as he was not completely trusted.

By the time he thought that he could improve the situation he was fired. What does Xerox need to help turn the company around? What Xerox needs to do now is to find options that increase revenues and minimize costs not only to recover its negative net incomes but also to rebuild employee morale as well as the bright prospects of customer demands.

Xerox has two options. However, Xerox should also consider a merger with other office product manufacturers like HP, Canon or Lexmark. This would surely improve the reputation, financial stability of the company by increasing the share value and would also result in easier financing, and possible substantial cost savings.Xerox‟s Business Development Program consists of two options for support.

One is Xerox Profit Accelerator® Digital Business Resources, which includes a collection of more than. Xerox‟s Business Development Program consists of two options for support. One is Xerox Profit Accelerator® Digital Business Resources, which includes a collection of more than tools, kits.


Case study xerox s downfall analysis and remedies

Motorola’s quest for quality PRESENTED BY: ANANT ANSHUL ARPIT Total Customer Satisfaction(TCS) How It works? Preliminary contest at motorola business. “Xerox’s business development program is a way for print shop owners to bridge the gap between focusing on the day-to- day production and planning for the future,” he says.

Company: Tally Systems Customer: Xerox Submitted by: MCC International Date: December Xerox is a world leader in document management systems. Since the company has lead the field in developing new technologies and was the first company to develop the plain paper photocopier.

Xerox, initially known as Haloed, became significantly prominent in with the introduction of the world’s first plain paper photocopier dubbed as Xerox Utilizing the process of xerography or electromyography, Xerox became an Instant office item pursued by .

Xerox's downfall - Analysis and remedies | Essay Example