Books are better than movies essay

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Books are better than movies essay

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Nowadays, people often read book or watch movies for entertainment in recreative time. Since movie has been invented, the use of book has been declined very much. However, some contend that movie produces negative effects on the individual as well as on the society because it makes us lazy and uncommunicative to other people.

Others support watching movie, claiming that it is more entertaining and convenient. In my opinion, watching movies has several advantages than reading books.

To begin, movies are a much more exciting and intense form of entertainment. Secondly, watching movies is very convenient because it only take two hours or less. In contrast, reading a novel can take several days or even weeks without provide any exciting emotion for reader.

Another advantage of watching movies is that we can gain social skill and experience. Movie can show us humanity, virtue, or teach us a moral lesson in life. Movies provide a common social experience through which people can connect and relate to another one.

Though literature is one of the most important factors in human culture, but today film industry are developing everyday so I firmly believe that movies provide many advantages to society.Mar 07,  · As we have seen, there are many differences between reading books and watching movies wrong punctuation however I believe this is not an opinion essay that books are much better than the movies, of course movies can bring whole worlds to life before our eyes, make characters into living, breathing flesh and blood however wrong punctuation books.

May 16th, When it comes to either watching movies or reading books the latter is, by far, the better option. In countless situations books have been made into movies but in .

Books are better than movies essay

I will always compare the movies to the books. I also agree that the movie is sometimes better than the book, but most of the time the book is better Report Abuse. Movies are better than books.

I believe that movies are better than books. The first reason I believe this is so is because movies are more visually appealing. Many people do not like books because there are too many words.

More people would go to see a movie instead of reading the book. Also, some books are just harder to read for younger. 10 Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Their Movie Adaptations Books allow you to get to know the characters better. If you just watch the movies without reading the books, there is a lot that you don't know about the characters because it was left out of the movie.


This brings me to my next reason. Dec 05,  · Movie VS Books Persuasive Essay. In this sense, I believe watching movie is better way to enjoy the storyline than reading fiction.

Moreover, it is more efficient to watch movies than read fiction. In particular, time will be used competently. Particularly, most movies only contain main plots of the story and emphasize the.

What's Better: Movies Or Books? A Vivid Sample Essay