Barclays bank pest swot and five forces analysis

Barclays Bank PLC Strengths Barclays has a widespread global presence, allowing it to spread risk and enjoy economies of scale. The Barclays brand is well-established historically and continually promoted, for example through sponsorship of Premier League football. Barclays is particularly associated with innovation.

Barclays bank pest swot and five forces analysis

PEST analysis is created to identify the factors that might affect the sustainability of the organization. There is now a great awareness about the global challenges such as climate changes, poverty, scarcity of resources, and demographic shifting. The responses came from the government and from different businesses, as well as the non-profit organization helped the Barclays made it possible for the sustainability.

Economic Analysis The approach to the sustainability program is useful and encourages the company to be open and transparent to the issues such as the initiatives in further research and development, dialogue with the government and various organizations, and their priorities.

Barclays enable to broaden their focus on corporate responsibility to prove that they play an essential role in establishing an economic advantage in the country where they operate. Social Analysis The sustainability strategy focuses in their objective to improve the value of the business and their stakeholders.

They give importance on the customers and clients such as maintaining the understanding of their needs and promoting the company by measuring satisfaction. It can be only possible by focusing of their global performance by their assurance to develop an innovative solution and enhancing performance.

Barclays bank pest swot and five forces analysis

On the other hand, the people working under their organization make a great advantage in the performance of the business. In addition, they attract employees to collect the talent, develop them according to the competent world, and retaining them as much as possible.

Technological Analysis The Barclays uses the means of technology for their business especially in the areas of inclusive banking.

PEST and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Barclays Bank - Thinking Made Easy

Their aim to help the people in fight against poverty is possible through their financial system. The technology makes it possible to empower the system and establish a competitive advantage.

Pioneering the new ideas, adding the skills and operational excellence are part of the guiding principle of the organization. Through the investigation of the competition and entry in these markets, the sustainability of the bank can be identified. Entry Barriers There is a high entry because of the emerging markets such as India and Africa that are actually highly regulated by the government and the central banks.

A lot of control and decisions are operated in the banks of these countries that might regulate the interests on loans and deposits as well as controlling the money supply.

The Barclays is not that popular in these countries because people are investing in governmental or public sector banks which is an advantage for Barclays to implement its strategy for the customers to have a quick and efficient service that can attract other potential clients. Rivalry among the Existing Competitors In the competition in the emerging markets, there is an indication of high rivalry because of the involvement of the public and microfinance institutions.

It is therefore, difficult to compare Barclays because of the high regulations.

Pest and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Barclays Bank

Again, in the application of the strategies, the firm can acquire the major stakes in the market which gives them an easy entry and create a brand visibility.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers There is a medium power among the suppliers of the bank who are definitely the people from whom the banks raise funds.

The major source of funds of Barclays comes from the customers or depositors that are transformed to be their suppliers. In order to attract the larger funds, the private banks offer high interest rate which is important for the continuous sustainability of the bank.

In addition, the Barclays Card is introduced to attract more clients and increase the volume of funds. Bargaining Power of the Customers There is a high power among the people in terms of utilizing the products such as their cards, loans and other services.Nurses regularly forced to perform heavy cleaning duties, survey finds ing staff to undertake.

More than 50% of the survey's respondents say that they believe cleaning services for their own ward are inadequate, while around 20% say that their trust had made cuts to the cleaning budget within the past 12 months.

They claim that these cuts have led to them being forced to disinfect washrooms. The SWOT Analysis identified the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of the bank, as follows: Strengths: The world’s third largest bank in terms of assets, with a core tier one ratio of 11 per cent.

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External Environment Analysis by the help of PEST, SWOT and Porter’s five forces provides essential information for the management of Barclays bank while making and implementing business strategies with more knowledge, authority and control. Barclays Bank PLC. Strengths y Barclays has a widespread global presence, allowing it to spread risk and enjoy economies of scale.

y The Barclays brand is well-established historically and continually promoted, for example through. Barclays Bank SWOT Analysis. Are you learning about Barclays Bank PLC?

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