Atmospheric cues in retail stores

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Atmospheric cues in retail stores

Here I have mention some importance of lighting in visual merchandising. To develop inside and outside decoration proper lighting is essential It can express helpful impression about the merchandise offers and window display, To highlight products, it separate one location to another in retail shop, to identify spaces, to create mood or feeling, occasion, seasonal effects lighting can Atmospheric cues in retail stores the retail stores over all looks.

Atmospheric cues in retail stores

All the color of decoration totally depends on lighting. Eyesight is the visual elements that help to create impressing atmosphere by the use of colours, lighting, shades and shapes, elements of arts and principles of design. Visual merchandiser or window display designers must follow the latest fashion and predict future fashion movements.

It is a diagram or model that indicates the placement of retail merchandise on shelf in order to increase sales. It also called floor plan.


A floor map helps visual merchandisers to discover the best place for garments, accessories, men, women, and children items, footwear, and other home decor items according to the color stories of clothes in the apparel or fashion shop.

Interior displays or in-store visual merchandising is the most essential part for fashion retailing and to utilize each square foot for decorating fashion products that will help to maximize sales.

Atmospheric cues in retail stores

For this interior display, visual merchandisers want to get customers attention that essential in the purchase decision making process.

When planning interior displays, remember that the theme and image presented on the exterior must be carried throughout the interior of the store to provide consistency for the customer.

Interior display presentation mainly includes the store layout, store design, point of purchases displays, item display, assortment display, and signage.

Some interior display techniques are below: Store layout and design: A store layout and design is the actual key ways to try to influence the movement of customers in the retail store.

It helps to give guideline them to more merchandise as well as providing communication cues to the consumer. Retail store layout and design 2. Apparel retailer are commonly used mannequins to display their latest fashionable products in-store and in the window display.

It can create a more wished shopping environment for the customers. Point of purchase display: It is the display arrangement of merchandise in the apparel retail store that help the customer to purchase the product.

All the types of products should be visible, limited amount of merchandise are show in the shop floor and easy to access but not overcrowded. Atmospheric means to design the empty space in the shop that can be attached to create a desired purchasing environment for increasing the levels of sales.

It can give good impression of fashion retail store or boutiques to the customer and also attracting customers into a store. In the fashion retailing business, retailers and visual merchandisers play slow tempo music for consumer relaxation. See the above point. Smell in a shop is the most effective elements to differentiate the brand from others.

Some general responses to different types of smells are in below: Different types of smell and their responses A prop is the elements that use to prepare a window display for telling a story about product.

When the props are use to present saleable merchandise, make sure the props are appropriate for the theme of the display and also ensure that it can be increase the customers demand from the display in the shop.

The examples of some props are floor coverings, wall treatments, backgrounds, mannequins, shelves steps and season or occasion wise different display elements.ABBY () - While in Africa on an archaeological dig, Dr.

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Transformers () As a tribute to his immense popularity, Optimus Prime is the only Movie Transformer with a toy in every regular category (Legend, Fast Action, Deluxe, Voyager, and . Consistent with the typology of Baker, , Eroglu et al., , we consider three atmospheric cues, namely, e-store content, e-store design, and e-store navigation, as stimuli.

Based on the findings of e-commerce research, we operationalize the organism as shopping enjoyment, impulsiveness, and browsing. atmospheric cues) transforming normal retailing into “entertailing” (Kim, ), where retailers attempt to provide an experience and increase the length of stay in a store by appealing to the multiple senses of sight, sound, smell and touch.

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