A biography of bo jackson an american athlete

He is the only athlete to be named an All-Star in two major sports. Adams, Jackson, he was the eighth among the ten children of his parents. He is an American by his nationality and his ethnicity is black.

A biography of bo jackson an american athlete

Bo Jackson American football and baseball player A lthough not the first professional athlete to participate in more than one sport, when Bo Jackson decided to play both professional baseball and football concurrently, he became the most recognized person ever to do so.

In the late s, all of America knew who Bo Jackson was. They knew him simply by his first name, "Bo," due to a hugely successful national advertising campaign with Nike, the "Bo Knows…" series that made his face and name common in living rooms across the country.

Jackson's speed and power on both the baseball diamond and the football field were legendary, earning him awards as well awe and respect.

His mother was barely able to support her family with her job as a housekeeper, since Jackson's father, A. Adams, never wed Florence and in fact had a family of his own on the opposite side of town.

Bo Jackson Biography

The name Vincent quickly disappeared as Jackson entered adolescence and gained a reputation as a troublemaker. He seemed unable to stay out of trouble, breaking windows, stealing bicycles, and beating up the other kids in the neighborhood. As Jackson wrote in his autobiography, Bo Knows Bo co-authored with sportswriter Dick Schaap"I even hired kids to beat up other kids for me [because] I didn't have time to beat all of them up myself.

They soon shortened the nickname to "Bo. The boys had killed several of the pigs and the minister made them pay back the loss. Jackson had to take on odd jobs in order to earn his portion of the three thousand dollar loss. His mother, at her wit's end and unsure of what to do, was encouraged by the preacher to send Jackson to reform school.

Jackson realized that he needed to change his ways or be sent away. He decided to focus his attention on sports. Athletics proved to be what Jackson needed to stay out of trouble. He proved a natural talent at baseball, but he also had an incredible work ethic that allowed him to surpass his peers.

At thirteen years old, he had already moved up to the Industrial League in Bessemer, where he played against grown men.

A Father Figure Appears Prior to entering high school, the neighboring community's track coach, Dick Atchinson, asked Jackson to join their team. Atchinson would become Jackson's mentor at McArdory High School, serving as his coach in both track and football, and later becoming his guidance counselor.

Here was the father figure Jackson lacked as a boy. In his autobiography, Jackson credits Atchinson as the person who made him the standout athlete he was. He writes that "I couldn't have become the human being I am without him.

His mother encouraged him to get a college degree, so in he entered Auburn University, where he went on to letter in baseball, football and track. He was the first athlete ever to do so. After his junior year in school, Jackson was the ranked at the top of the list of eligible draftees for the Major League draft.

Instead of entering, however, he chose instead to complete his final year of school. It would prove to be a wise decision. The next year in football he would earn All-Southeastern Conference running back honors for the third straight yearbe named an All-American, and would win the Heisman Memorial Trophy.

It was severe and prognosis by the doctors had the Royals believing he would never return to professional athletics. They let him out of his contract early and the Chicago White Sox picked up his option.

Football was over for the season, but Jackson's love of baseball motivated his rehab, and in he was back on the field, helping the White Sox capture the American League West championship. Together they had two sons, Garrett and Nicholas, followed by daughter Morgan.

InJackson left professional athletics for good. It was another of his surprising moves. He said he wanted to spend more time with his family.

He had grown up poor, without a father, and with a mother who was too busy to spend much time with her children.

A biography of bo jackson an american athlete

Jackson had vowed not to let that happen to his family. After leaving professional athletics, Jackson declined offers to coach or work with the administrative staffs of many teams that came to him.

I got a life.Bo Jackson came to fame in the s as a multitalented athlete, who excelled in baseball, football, and track at an early age.

Football Player, Famous Baseball Players (–). Bo Jackson’s full name is Vincent Edward Jackson and he was born in the year He is American former baseball and also football player. He is among the . They were ubiquitous. They were funny. And for a while during the late s and early s, the Nike commercials that showed Bo Jackson playing everything from baseball to cricket to hockey — wearing the uniform of the storied Montreal Canadiens no less — .

Bo Jackson was the first athlete named to play in the All-Star game of two major sports. Bo Jackson is an American retired professional baseball and football player.

A biography of bo jackson an american athlete

Regarded by many as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), Bo is the only athlete to be named as an All-Star both in baseball (MLB) and football (NFL). Bo Jackson Biography. Eventually known as one of the most electrifying athletes in professional sports, Bo Jackson was born in Alabama in Foreshadowing his unique ability to play different major sports at an elite level, Jackson starred on both his high school football and .

Biography of Bo Jackson